Saturday 5 October 2019

How to Enhancing A Child's Linguistic Skills?

Article by Sachin Usha Vilas Joshi published in Deshdoot Times.

A spectator just happened to question a child, "How do you speak so well at this tender age? Who taught you so? " To this the child simply replied, " No one, this is the way everyone speaks at my home."
The point to be noted dear parents is, this implies that a child takes everything from his surroundings.

A child eventually learns to speak by listening. A research by Language Masters and Psychology says that a 6 year old child can communicate in 4 different languages.

Here we look forward for some tips to develop a sound vocabulary of the child:
1) First and foremost let's tell numerous stories to our kids. Everyday we could narrate any story, to help evoke the child's imaginative perspective and also develop his vocabulary. The time you are narrating a story make sure that you clarify meanings of the new words that you are going to introduce your child to. Also, corelate the story with day- to- day experiences.

2) No doubt, story telling is a boon for the kids, but the stories need not be shown directly on YouTube nor the videos of the story should be shown. This hampers the imagination of the child. Since a video directly shows the images and events, the child never learns to imagine. When we as a parent narrate a story, the child himself starts imagining the situation put forth to him in turn, developing the visual imagination skills in the child.

3) Always use Voice Modulation while you narrate the story. It will help to initiate the oratory skills in the child.

4) Always speak in complete sentences with the child.

5)Keep the use of You Tube videos minimal, because the cartoon characters there use a violent language.

6) For any language building the process of Speak, Speak, Speak and then Read, Read, Read is to be implemented.

7)When you converse with your child, make sure that you have immense enthusiasm in you.

8)To know any language, it's essential to listen to that language. In order to speak fluently it is important to read out the stories to them.

9) Audio Book Stories is an exceptionally good option for the above.

10) Families who do not use spoken English often may opt for a Native Teacher, who may be anyone from among your neighbourhood or relatives.You could send your child twice a week to their place to have an interaction with them. This can also be done for any other languages as well.

11) While the children are learning English, initially less emphasis could be given to grammar.

12) In order to enhance the vocabulary, the new words introduced to the kids should be used in at least 4 different sentences and you could try around 12 different sentences with the new words.

13) You could also accompany your kids to several new places wherein you could tell them about that particular place in depth.

14) The household appliances could be labelled in different languages. You could also use flash cards for the same.

15) Once in a while also keep a check with the ENT specialist, to stay away from lazy eye disease.

Sachin Usha Vilas Joshi
Education Activist

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