Saturday 12 October 2019

Should we narrate ghost stories to our children?

I feel that there is no child in this world who has not been narrated ghost stories.Many of our stories include ghosts and thats how the image of ghosts is created in our minds.

But as such, there is no existence of ghosts in this world, they exist only in the minds of parents, who later pass the fear to their children.

Irrespective of our age, our rational thoughts, our scientific view and intellectual levels we all agree that ghosts do not exist. But still somewhere , at the back of our mind we fear these paranormal powers. The main reason behind this is the embedence of the existence of these paranormal powers in our minds since childhood.

What is our understanding by ghosts?

Ghosts are nothing but soulful imaginations. It is believed that if a person dies an unnatural death then his soul remains unsatisfied and it wanders in search of his unfulfilled desires. Man is a creature whose desires are never fulfilled. It is rightly said that man's demands are never ending and those whose desires are never satisfied , are said to become ghosts.

The ghost incarnations are believed to be seen on on a New Moon Day wearing white clothes in different forms and having their feet backwards. We mostly find them sitting on trees and in graveyards is how our functioning brain percieves them which is then seen in our behaviour as well.
Medical Science has proved that there are no ghosts. If there are no souls , then how can there be ghosts ? The roots of these lie in the stories narrated to us in our childhood by our parents, teachers, friends and mediums like television. Due to this the concept of the existence of ghost is embedded in our minds for a lifetime. During our growing years there is a perception that people can get possessed by ghosts.
In the first 8 years of our life , whatever we see ,we believe happens because of the mindset created in children by the elders.
Parents , you need to remember that our brain works like a computer. So whatever, is fed into our brain (input) reflects in our body language (output). When our emotional levels are at its peak , that's when we are scared and our brain becomes non functional and follows the instructions given to it by us. At this point of time we feel that the person is possessed and we become victims of visualisation of paranormal powers.
Parents should avoid ghosts stories while narrating stories to their children and avoid exposing children to any television series related to ghosts. Something that is non existent should not be embedded in the child's mind as this increases their levels of fear for such paranormal activities.
It is made obvious that ghosts can be seen only in the dark and that's the reason why almost 80% people fear darkness.

As parents you may deny the narration of such stories but children find their sources through friends and social media. You need to be cautious what they are viewing and explain to them that such stories are unreal and that they are only used as a source of entertainment. If possible educate them about how these scenes are filmed in order to eradicate the fear of ghosts and other myths in them.

Young learners should educate themselves by listening to some documentaries on youtube by Shyam Manav. To prove the existence of ghosts is just a myth. 30 students of Grade 9 from Espalier-The Experimental School visited a graveyard at midnight. The video of the same is available on youtube.

I would like to close by asking all the parents to narrate stories with moral values rather than just myths to lay a stronger foundation for character building.

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